Social Studies Coursework

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Question 1
What is slavery? Africans became slaves in several ways. Describe three (3) ways in which Africans became slaves. [10 marks]


Slavery is the state of being under the control of another person and is a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be, or treated as the property of others. As Source B says, slavery existed in West Africa before the Europeans went there. Black People were the slaves of other black people. Before that time in Europe also, there were white people who were slaves of other white people. Debt Bondage is a form of slavery that is an arrangement whereby a person is forced to pay off a loan with direct labor in place of currency over an agreed period of time. Chattel Slavery is a form of slavery. Chattel Slaves are property and they have no rights. They are expected to perform labor at the command of a master. Chattel Slavery is the form of slavery that was carried out in the Bahamas and in the Americas. Most Africans became slaves in different ways. Some sold themselves into slavery in Africa as a way or paying debts. Some committed crimes and were enslaved as punishment. Others voluntarily became slaves of powerful neighbors to protect themselves from their enemies, but most were captured in warfare between various societies. All slaves were owned and controlled by their masters but they could buy freedom. By the Atlantic slave trade, Europeans enslaved Africans and took them to labor in the Americas. The slave trade was conducted by merchants companies. Merchants belonging to the English companies would leave from Bristol, London or Liverpool in England. They would carry trade goods such as cloth, musket, knives, tools, cutlasses, brandy, gunpowder and iron bars, as well as cheap manufactured goods. These goods would be traded for slaves in West Africa....
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