Some Reasons to Become a Cda Teacher

Topics: Infant, Toddler, Learning Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Learning Activities and Experiences- Young Infants and Toddlers Young infants
Goals: To develop sensory awareness and cognitive development Materials: None
Procedure: Begin by showing the infant a bottle of formula and say this is your bottle… “Are you hungry? Pause and give them time to respond. You then pretend to drink from the bottle and say, “mmm…yummy, yummy, and yummy in my tummy! Your tummy will feel better” “Reaching Out”

Goals: To develop their physical skills and cognitive skills Materials: rattle, dolls, small teddy, Procedure: Sit the baby up or lay the baby on the tummy and line up the toys so they could reach them. While they are reaching for that specific toy introduce their names. And say “yes you do it? Let’s try another toy…. “Crawling”

Goals: To develop motor skills
Materials: none
Procedure: Lay the infant on the floor make sure is nothing dangerous around the infant put pillows around. Put some toys in front of the infant let the infant crawl to it and increase the distance so they could get further. “Mobile Infants”

“Cups and Spoons”
Goals: To develop social skills and their cognitive skills. Materials: Using appropriate age plastic cups and plastic spoon Procedure: Let’s have a picnic today! You are going to learn how to use cups and spoons. Introduce the infants how to drink from a cup and eat with a spoon. Before you introduce anything to the children make sure you take it step by steps. Be excited to do new things with the children for that they could feel comfortable to explore. So what you do is pretend that you are drinking from a cup or eat with the spoon. Repeat this routine with different cups for they could learn more. “It’s...
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