Sparkling Glass

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For the smooth conduct of the Quiz/test/midterm and end term exams, the following rules are evolved.  The students are expected to follow the rules strictly. The PGP office/Chairperson’s office will not relax any of the rules at any circumstances.

Students are required to be present 10 minutes in advance for test/midterm and end term exam and have to take allotted room and seat number where ever it is allotted. The class room doors will be closed at sharp start time of quiz/exam. Once the doors are closed, no students are permitted to enter into the exam/test/ Quiz. Invigilators will follow the class room clock for all purpose that will be the final. Late comers are not permitted to take the II part of exam/test incase the exam has two parts of exams. Students are not allowed to exchange the study materials/calculators even in case of open book exam. Students are not permitted to bring the mobile phones to the exam/test venue. In case someone brings and if found the ringing noise during the exam/test, the student will be treated as absent for the exam and marked absent for the particular exam/test at any stage. Students are not permitted to use wash room repeatedly, unless it is on medical reasons. Please ensure that the answer paper/booklet had submitted to the invigilator in the exam hall before you leave the hall.  This type of disturbances we found in case of open book exams (not submitting the answer paper leaving the venue). Copying in Exams, Quizzes or Assignments – Copying from material, copying from a fellow student with or without the knowledge of fellow student, helping a fellow student copy from his/her answer paper, Plagiarism in projects/assignments submission – for first time offender ‘U’ grade in the course and for repeat offender, the student may likely to be asked to discontinue the programme. In addition to the above (copying in exams) the concerned student/s...
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