Specialty Retail Group

Topics: Logistics, Investment, Supply chain Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Speciality Retail Group’s (SRG) solution worked by getting help from Kewill in dealing to reduce warehousing, transportation cost, reduce delivery time and to increase the exchange of stock and sales data between SRG and its suppliers. Kewill is a leading provider of software solutions that enable enterprises and logistics providers to manage the movement of goods and information across the globe. By pairing up will Kewill, it has benefited them in so many ways. First off Kewill is a provider of business-to-business supply chain solutions that helped SRG from the bottom to the top with all the logistic activities that take place. Kewill helped SRG facilitate the exchange of business between SRG, to its suppliers and to its carriers. The system accommodates all elements from purchasing the orders, to delivery times, and the stock availability of the product. Inputs of SRG are the raw materials that they use to make the product. All of SRG’s suits are hand made over seas. They use high quality fabrics, tailored products, which were tailored and shipped to warehouses.

Kewill’s involvement at an early stage has helped them develop a solid return on investment. The system that was integrated helped everyone communicate more efficiently with their suppliers, the office and warehousing staff. This made it easier for everyone to communicate. The solution is simple are easy with minimal training needed. Its very easy for SRG member to access it from anywhere around the world. Suppliers can access the Kewill trade system via the Internet. When they are logged in they can see the SRG orders. The suppliers can now accept the order and begin making the suits. From here, they will give an approximate time completion and when the product will be delivered. Delivery schedules are more timely and accurate. This means the products are more readily available.

SRG’s IT director, Gareth Durban had a great approach to solving all the issues of the high demand for the suits....
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