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Entrepreneurial Profile
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Andrea Odunze
  2nd April 2013
Entrepreneurial Profile
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Andrea Odunze
  2nd April 2013

Bill Gates
Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates the third on the 28th of October ,1955 to his parents Mary Gates, who was a professor and businesswoman and William Gates II, who was a prominent lawyer of his time (Summers). Bill was enrolled in the prestigious Lakeside School of Seattle in 1967 because he showed signs of intelligence and ambition. This school was the first place Bill worked with computers. He and a few other students spent most of their time writing programs for the school computer which was donated to his school and connected via telephone to a computer company (Emdee).These kids formed a group called Lakeside Programmer’s Group in 1968. In the next year, the group got their first opportunity in Information Sciences Inc. where they were selected as programmers. The company agreed to give them royalties on whatever money they made from any of the group’s programs. Due to this deal, the group became a legal business (Paluri). Bill Gates was just 15years old. This action was probably just an early sign that this young man was going to become one of the greatest computer geniuses and a business tycoon.

With his intelligence, Bill got into Harvard University. While in school, a newspaper article caught his interest; it was about a computer company named Altair that had made a computer but had no computer language for it. Bill took this opportunity and together with his friend, Steve Ballmer, whom he had met at Harvard, he wrote a computer language and sent it to them. Their idea won Altair over and with this little encouragement, Bill realised that Harvard was not where he was supposed to be; his interests lay in computers and computer programming so he dropped out of Harvard and worked on programs for the Altair Company (Pirates of Silicon Valley). In 1974, Bill formed his own Computer Company called Microsoft with Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen, whom he had been close friends with since childhood (Emdee).Today, because of his company, Bill is one of the richest men in the world. Microsoft

Microsoft was originally a company that wrote applications and languages. They had not written any operating systems when IBM approached them for help on the IBM personal computer. Seeing an opportunity, Bill purchased an operating system from a small computer company in Seattle and leased it to IBM. Bill realised that leasing this operating system to IBM gave them unrestricted use, so he leased it to them on a per PC basis. This made more profit for Microsoft and practically made Bill a billionaire overnight (Emdee). The company kept expanding and even more so when the first version of the Windows operating system was released in 1985. Microsoft office was another software program released in 1989 and is the most popular of office applications (Summers). This company is a booming business in the world of computers and one can only see failure in the phone industry where Microsoft phones are not making huge sales compared to Android or Steve Job’s iOS products. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain view, California (Norcalgirlie). Steve was enrolled in Crittenden but was disinterested in school as a young child. This changed when he got to the fourth grade thanks to his teacher, Imogene “Teddy” Hill. According to his bibliography, he says that “she was one of the saints in [his] life… she bribed [him] into learning”. Steve did not feel comfortable in his school so he urged his parents to move him to another school the next year or he would refuse to go to school. His parents agreed and moved to Los Altos where he was enrolled in Cupertino Junior High School. This was a very important move for Steve because the neighbouring towns of Cupertino were highly...

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