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Human Resource Auditing|
By Irfan Rashid|

A paper submitted to
Dan McGarry
In ppartial fulfillment of the requirements
Of HAMA 201, Section# 103

School of Business
St. Lawrence College
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
In order to contribute to the successful operations of their organization, human resource managers must strategically evaluate all areas and levels of the company. Research findings from audit reports provide feedback that detail opportunities for improvement and possible future challenges. The following report outlines a human resource audit’s strategic importance and the research steps and tools used, while working towards a future orientation prepared for all challenges.|

Table of Contents
Strategic Importance of Human Resource Audits3
Scope of HR Audit4
Audit of Employee Satisfaction5
Audit of Managerial Compliance5
Audit of Alignment with Corporate Strategy5
Research Approaches to Human Resources Audits6
Comparative Approach6
Compliance Approach7
Research Design and Data Collection Methods7
Record Analysis8
Human Resources Experiment9
The Audit Report & Preparing for the Future9
The Report9
The Future10

Strategic Importance of Human Resource Audits
A human resource audit is an examination of the human resource policies, practices and systems of a firm/division to eliminate deficiencies and improve ways to achieve goals. In other words the purpose of a Human Resource Audit is to provide an objective overview of what’s working and what’s not in a company regarding their current human resource policies, practices and procedures. A human resource audit results in recommendations for human resource priorities in order to improve a company’s HR function. Some benefits from a human resource audit include: * Helping align the human resource department goals with larger organizational strategies. * Invariably uncovers better ways for the department to contribute to societal, organizational and employee objectives. Therefore this clarifies the human resource departments duties and responsibilities * Ensures timely compliance with legal requirements

* Discloses how well managers are meeting their human resource duties * Uncovers critical human resource problems and possible solutions * Reducing human resource costs through more effective practices * Providing specific, verifiable data on the human resource department contribution * Stimulating standards of human resource practices and policies * Helping review and improve the human resource department information system * Enhancing the professional image of the department among various stakeholders.

A few reasons why human resource research is vital to continued success include the following: 1. Human resource operations carry many legal implications for the employer when they are not able to comply with equal employment or safety laws. 2. People costs are also very significant; pay and benefits often are a major expense for the company. 3. The department’s activities help shape an organization’s productivity and their employee’s quality of work life. 4. Critical resource is not capital in many companies presently but information, knowledge and expertise are. Therefore, human resources are necessary for success of the organization. Today human resource activities aimed at productivity improvements, planning, and cultural changes are critical to competitive survival. Executives today have higher expectations from the department to make good strategic contributions and function at the advanced level. Some examples applied to this can result in the initiation of new programs, such as excellent training which can then significantly improve employee’s productivity and morale. This also relates to audits...

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