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The Levels of Students’ Satisfaction in Abu Dhabi University

Safaa Ismail (1028296)
Waad El-Bana (1016475)
Meera Al Marzouqi (1016429)

Abu Dhabi University – Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Submitted 13th of July 13, 2013

Students Satisfaction in Abu Dhabi University
This research aimed to identify the concept of satisfaction and its impact on the students from the perspective of Abu Dhabi university students. The research used a qualitative research approach based on using the interview as a research tool. Accordingly, an interview with each subject of the study sample, (25) Abu Dhabi university students, was conducted. The findings of the research were analyzed according to the research questions. The findings of one of the questions showed that students level of satisfaction varies greatly; where the results shows that the students are generally dissatisfied alongside the university services such as transportation, internet, and food court. They identified the problem of transportation as timing problem, where these timings are either to early or too late for students were there is a gap two hours among class timing and bus timing. For the internet they identified it as of bad quality in which it takes long time to access. Moreover, sometimes students couldn’t access the internet. The campus computer labs have the same problem, where half of the lecture time is wasted for just opening the computers. The food availability and quality in the university was main clamor by the interviewed students. They have remarked that the food is harmful and provoked a lot of condition subjects where there were cases of poisoned students. Students who are most of the day in campus attained a lot of weight. One more subject amplified by three students is, how the university keeps seizing money for student services as the services are inadequate. Though, afterward all these setbacks being increased one student seems to have an affirmative comment on the health and counseling services endowed in campus. Also, findings of another question discovered that, from students’ perspective, which is that university fees are not satisfying most of the students since each semester they increase the fees. Some students may not be able to not handle it and are compelled to leave the university. Also students articulate concerning the scholarship programs and mention that they were ineffective and were introverted a year after enrolling for no uttered reason. Students were also not satisfied of being paying for inadequate services and unused studio tables. In addition, findings of another question resulted from the students’ perspective, Most of the interviewed students, have commented that the class room had defects such as there are wires and cables spreading across out the room. The lights seemed to cause one more complaint whereas they state the campus had noisy-blinky light bulbs spread across campus classes that provoked student distraction across lectures. They additionally held the researchers to discover that, a few light bulbs were off in a little classes that cause poor and dark room lighting. Other students additionally complained concerning how the classes were not thrilling and demanded new colorings and design where they said the present color and design is depressing. The desks additionally remarked to be tiny and uncomfortable to comprise on. In the light of the findings of this research, a set of recommendations has been suggested by the researcher for a better understanding of students’ satisfaction and its impact on Abu Dhabi University students. Key Words:

Students, Satisfaction, Abu Dhabi University.

Abu Dhabi University is a private university that has two campuses; in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This university has excelled in the past couple of years where, they have increased the number of undergraduate and postgraduate majors offered. They have also increased...

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