Students'participation in Speaking activities

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Encouraging student participation can be difficult.

Students who generally perform well will be more willing to volunteer and more confident when completing exercises whereas students who struggle in the classroom will be more reluctant to do these things. As a teacher there are many ways you can encourage all your students to participate in activities. How To Encourage Student Participation


Classroom Environment

Ensuring that you maintain a constructive classroom environment will help immensely. It is important that students not feel like they will be laughed at or given negative feedback. Try to provide students with positive criticism as opposed to reinforcing the fact that they have made a mistake or performed poorly. Making mistakes is simply part of the learning process and students that make mistakes will give you a good idea of what you need to focus on because there are probably other students in your class that have the same questions or misunderstandings. 2

Activities for All Types of Learners

Planning exercises that appeal to different types of learners is an essential part of getting all your students to participate. Perhaps some students who perform well on tests are quite shy while students who perform poorly on tests are natural performers and enjoy role play activities. Giving a range of activities that target visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners will increase student participation. The more variety there is in your lessons, the more your students will gain from them. Having a combination of worksheets, role-plays, games, listening exercises, etc. will keep students engaged and provide them with plenty of practice. 3

Motivation Matters!

In group activities making groups or teams and having races often gets students motivated. Competition will drive students to not only be the best performing group but also work hard to not let down their teammates. These activities should still...
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