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Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, History of slavery Pages: 9 (2544 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Caribbean studies Presentation
* 1. History, Culture and Society Caribbean Studies

* 2. Periods of Caribbean History The Encounter: the Age of Discovery The Settling Down: Colonization Emancipation: Engaging in Freedom Globalization: the Changing Encounter

* 3. Theme in Caribbean History Migration Genocide/Oppression Resistance/Resilience

* 4. The Settling Down: Colonization This was the 17 th ,18 th and 19 th century. Other Western Europeans challenged the authority of the Spaniards in the 'New World' This brought a number of conflicts: looting ;plunder; raids and attacks from privateers pirates and buccaneers An emphasis was made on colonization: by the French, British and the Dutch. Colonization meant that each Caribbean territory was ruled or governed by Western European Country

* 5. The Settling Down: Colonization The significance of Historical Events and Processes: European settlement and colonization Slavery The Sugar Revolutions (around 1640) ‏ The Development of the Plantation and Economy and Society

* 6. The Settling Down: Colonization Some significant historical events were: Various rebellions, maroon wars The Haitian Revolutions The Abolitions of the Slave Trade (1807 in the British Colonies) ‏ Emancipation (1834 in British Colonies) ‏

* 7. The Settling Down: Colonization The Treaty of Tordesillas , 1494- divided the 'new world' between the Spanish and Portuguese. This blocked other Europeans from the wealth of some islands. Then the ruling colonizers could not supply the region with the goods that was needed. The trading agreement Asiento allowed: the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British to trade.

* 8. The Settling Down: Colonization The treaties were too weak to allow the Spanish to continue the dominance because: The Britain and Netherlands disregarded the treaties because they were ex-Roman Catholics and it was the Pope who assigned authority to the treaties. France was Roman Catholic, but was in conflict with the Vatican about the leadership in the France Church. The wealth of the Indies made it impossible for the Spanish to keep other countries out. Wealth was too attractive for one Country to have it all

* 9. The Settling Down: Colonization the British, Dutch and French who came to the Caribbean to pillage, steal and smuggle defying the treaties were, therefore, interlopers - they were there illegally. They were successful at there quest because the empire of the Spaniards was too huge and unwieldly for the Spanish to police, govern and supply effectively. The Europeans then started to migrate to the Indies in large masses of people. They laid claim to the settlement where these immigrants settled.

* 10. The Interlopers The first that came was: 'Poor white' Criminals Farmers Victims(of war, poverty and hardships in Europe) ‏ They were contracted as indentured servants Indentured servants were to: Plant tobacco Other crops The claims were not enough because of the constant raids from other Europeans War broke out both in Europe and in the Caribbean.

* 11. The Result of the War the treaty arrangement often involved handing over territory to victorious European powers. Colonization

* 12. Discussion Identify countries of the Caribbean that were colonies of France, Britain, Spain and Dutch European countries. Are there any countries in the Caribbean that are still colonies of any of the above? Discuss using indentified territories how colonization influence the country's culture and society.

* 13. The Settling Down: Colonization cont'd Migration: African Slavery the Indenture Servants were reluctant and unable to work. It was too hard for them Indentureship became very expensive There was a swift change from tobacco cultivation to Sugar this was called the sugar revolution-1640. This created an enormous and mammoth vacuum for labour that was cheap and efficient. This changing affects life then and is still having a...
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