Summary of Language of Advertising

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Summary of The Language of Advertising

Charles A. O’Neill gave us very clearly definition of advertising and how it starts since WWII. Obviously, Advertising wouldn’t succeed if they not capture our attention so the author explained to us how advertising created with simple language included short words, pictures, symbol and slogans. He believed that advertisements is being edited and purposeful, rich and arresting, involving, and explaining how simplicity in advertising language. These may seem casual, but they are carefully engineered to get our attention. He says: “Every successful advertisement uses a creative strategy based on an idea intended to attract and hold the attention of the targeted consumer audience”. Charles gave us many examples of different kind of advertising and let we know that advertisements could be good or bad. Calvin Klein and Prada are example of bad advertisement since they make their advertisement with models that has pale skin, dark circles underneath their eyes. Question has been given if are they the one who responsible for “heroin chic”. Parts of advertisement weren’t easy as we think, slogans has been carefully engineered, Images has been choose to combine perfectly with other elements, symbol carry meaning of their own and the meaning that we brought to them. Using simple language is full of purpose that people now is harder to get their attention so instead of using complicated advertisements, advertisers use as simple as they can to get customers’ attention by edited out all difficult words and replaced by simple words or images. In the end, the author told us may be if we learned how advertising works, we can be equipped to sort out content from different typed, good values from emotions and salesmanship.

The best thing in his article is he analyzed the language of advertising very specific so I can understand how advertising works and created. Especially when he stated that in order to understand...
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