Summary of the poem 'Vocation'

Topics: Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize, Road Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: February 4, 2014
A brief description of the poem ‘Vocation’

The poem ‘Vocation’ is written by the world famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. He is a Nobel Prize winner for literature for is fantastic collection of verses ‘Geethanjali’.
In this poem a school going boy is walking to school and coming back in the afternoon. On the way he sees a hawker, a gardener and a watchman.
The boy goes to his school at ten o’clock in the morning. On the way he sees a hawker crying out ‘Bangles, Crystal Bangles!’ He wondered there is nothing to hurry him on, and there is not a fixed road he must travel through, and no time when he must get back home. By seeing his lucky life, the boy wished to become a hawker selling bangles like the one he saw.

When the boy comes back from the school at four in the afternoon, he sees a gardener digging the garden in the nearby house. He gets his shirts soiled, and get baked in the sun or gets wet. He sees that there is no one to control him like his mother controls him. He does whatever he likes with his spade. Now he wished to be a gardener. So, he can do anything at the garden.

In the night, after all the work, his mother sends him to the bed, through his open window, he can see the watchman walking up and down the street with a lantern in his hand. The street is dark and lonely and the street lamp stands like a giant with one red eye. He thinks he never goes to bed in his life. By seeing him, the child wished to become a watchman so he can protect the lane from burglars.

From all these wishes, we can conclude that the child wanted to enjoy freedom. He wanted a life without worries. He wanted to come home at the time he wished. So, we should all have wishes, sometimes we can fulfill it.
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