Sun Zi Bing Fa

Topics: Leadership, The Deadline, Team Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The role of leadership is becoming increasingly important in this 21th century. In the first topic, I have come across this quote “it’s doesn’t mean that I would have to lead peoples. It is all about being able to lead my own life”. I agree this sentence to a great extent as it`s true that own selves must know how to lead my own life and therefore able to lead others. Upon doing the “The Four dimension of Behavior” test, I have discovered myself to be a “Dominant “people. It said that High Dominant people are very active in dealing with problem and challenges simultaneously there are determined and egocentric. Through the lesson, I have acquired the knowledge when the dominant people meet with different behavior people as this would be a great benefit for me in the future, especially when I have started my career and will be facing different type of personality people. One of the real life situations I can reflect back is, whenever there is a group project, I was chosen as leader. In the group, there will be different personality people and are bound to meet the problem. One problem that arises is teammates always hands up late submission despite giving essential time for them to do the work. As a leader in the team, it`s important to remind them the deadline and the consequences of submitting late. However if most of the members are unable to meet the deadline, I would probably do the team assignment all by myself in order not to provoke the teammates for rushing them the assignment. The key word for topic 2 is interpersonal skill as it defines people interacting with other people. However does not mean by interacting with one another is enough? Personally I felt that by understanding and knowing the people around you is not sufficient but knowing how to get along with the people well is essential. A good interpersonal skill is one of the key ingredients to getting along well with the people around you. For instance: they can mingle with new people in every...
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