Supoorting Teaching and Learning in Schools Poster

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Supporting teaching and learning in schools
. support for pupils: In daily class life I am required to implement structured learning activities and supervise and assist a student or a group of students in completing their tasks. It is also required that I undertake activities in assisting in monitoring the personal, social and emotional needs of a pupil, and to also develop a positive relationship with the pupils. Helping a pupil to reach their individual targets and monitoring their progress the main role I have is to ensure pupils remain on task and then report the progress to the teacher. Offering support and understanding to those who are upset and helping pupils to learn through play. It is important that class rooms are kept tidy so that the pupils have a pleasant environment to work in so that is one of the important roles that is followed strictly.

. support for the teacher: As a TA it is my job to make the class teacher’s job easier, so In order to make it so I assist in monitoring and recording of a pupil’s progress and development needs and assist in the production of learning resources. I also assist in the supervision of a student and assist in the management of pupil behaviour. I also keep the class teacher informed of any incidents that may occur outside of the classroom so that the class teacher can deal with a situation before it gets out of hand. . support for the school: I assist in making a pleasant atmosphere in which effective learning can take place and work within the schools policies and procedures. I am constantly supporting the promotion of having positive relationships with parents, carers and anyone else who is involved in the caring of a pupil. It is very important take care of the health and safety of others and myself and I am confident that I am able to do this very well. I am aware of the confidential nature of issues related to home/pupil and teacher and I am confident that any issues that arise within the school will be...
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