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Cache Level 1 – CFC 17 – Supporting Babies to play
How can a baby’s development be supported through play? (1.1 &1.2) Area
How it supports development
Physical (gross motor)
Play mat

Helps baby’s reach out and grasp the toys.
The baby can explore the mat with their hands and feet and star to lift their heads up.

Physical (fine motor)

Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes help babies because they are copying your actions with their fingers and hands Social

Building blocks

Helps babies to interact with other to share the blocks and create something. Emotional

Soft teddy’s

Helps to comfort babies when they are sad


Helps children feel different textures and materials. It allows them to use their imagination to create pictures. Language

Reading books

Helps babies learn new words, sounds and socialise with people. Please remember a baby is Birth to 15 months old

How a babies individual needs and interests can be supported through play. Babies play can be supported by giving the right equipment and activities for their age group. E.g. hand/finger painting, building blocks, play mats, colourful picture books, rattles and nursery rhymes. Talk to the babies about their activities colours of pictures, shapes, textures and ask questions (even if they don’t understand) to show them that you’re interested. Give babies eye contact to show them you are responding to them. Join in and talk to them. Encourage babies to say familiar words, listen to different sounds, explore different things and support their needs. Some babies may need more support than others due to a disability. Praise is very important because it helps their self-esteem and confidence. Encourage babies to try new, more difficult activities through praise Remember all babies develop at different times.

Supporting Babies
To Play.



Babies will first learn how to hold their up. They then begin to roll around sit up and start to crawl. Babies can make movement with their arms and legs which gradually becomes more controlled. This can be further developed by: Blowing bubbles for babies help them to reach for the bubbles the baby uses their hand-eye coordination. Play mats and mobiles which are great for children to reach out to and play with the toys there. Encourage babies to explore with different toys by putting interesting things beside them e.g. soft materials, toys with lights and sounds, crinkle paper so they can feel different textures. Sing nursery rhythms to babies so they can copy the actions and facial expressions. Provide activities such as hand/sponge painting, playing with balls, building blocks and baby walkers. It stimulates creativity and imagination. These activities are good for developing their fine/gross motor skills and learning other new skills e.g. colours, textures, counting and helping babies to learn to walk. With any activity your baby does join in with them, talk to them, make it interesting and fun and always praise them.

Babies learn by exploring with their hands, feet and mouth. They bang, throw, drop, shake and put items in their mouths. Babies are very alert, they follow adults with their eyes and head. Talk to babies about family members and names of family so they can recognise words and who family members are. Provide colourful books with lots of pictures and touchy-feely books this gives babies tactile experiences which leads to brain development. Point and talk about the pictures in the books. Ask them questions about the book e.g. what colour is the sky. Get them involved let them turn pages of the book. Make sure you give the baby lots of praise and encouragement.


Babies enjoy finding their nose, eyes or tummy as part as a naming game. You can place mirrors to see their own reflection and talk...
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