Sustainable marketing

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Recommendations for Managers
After concluding market research, primary research, and research on sustainable marketing with its positive and at times unchanging affects that it has on sales, the next section will elaborate on the recommendations for managers of corporations. Companies have taken more interest in their commitment to sustainable marketing as the benefits become more apparent, and the alternative more unsustainable. Just as natural resources are becoming insufficient and costly; stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, and society at large, are becoming increasingly more environmentally-conscious. Advocating sustainability allows businesses to align deeply with their missions and engage customers on a more meaningful level. According to a 2011 study by MIT, sustainability is now a permanent part of 70% of corporate agendas. Most companies now also consider green practices to be vital to remaining competitive and many declare that these practices are contributing to profits. There are a few of the many reasons why managers should consider using sustainable marketing, other than costs. The following are reasons why managers should consider sustainable marketing: reduced risk, green product demand, consumer engagement, attracting talent, attracting investors. Sustainable marketing reduces risks for managers. It reduces risks for managers, because conservation of resources will strengthen the ecosystems that provide the natural resources that most corporations depend on to conduct business. This in the long-run reduces the risk of corporations losing business. The recommendation for managers would be to push towards sustainable marketing because that will keep their corporation thriving for a longer period of time. This would lead managers to inform their employees how important the corporation’s impact on the environment is. Consumer engagement is also important for managers to consider, if they choose to move towards sustainable...
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