Swot of Tippling Club

Topics: Cooking, Restaurant, Nutrition Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The SWOT analysis in Table 1 maps Tippling’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, it is used to better understand factors that affects Tippling’s competitive advantages.

Strength: Tippling’s success owes to its ability to leverage on its key strength, focusing on development and deployment of its resources and capabilities . They are creative to integrate their knowledge of food science with story-telling techniques in their presentation to stimulate senses, creating extraordinary and exciting dining experiences (Appendix C). Every dish presented amazes diner as it is meticulously and intricutely designed with a theme, like a high quality artpiece. The novelity in its degustation menu, premier quality and impeccable service has garnered many credible awards that uphold their reputation. Original ideas are difficult for competitors to keep up with, allowing Tippling club to constantly be ahead of them.

Weakness: The quality and innovation of the food comes with a huge price tag. Tippling Club must mark up the price of the food to keep up with its operations cost. Because of the substantial price and special experience, diners do not frequent and only tend to visit and reserve the experience for special occasions. Opportunities: Singapore has a diverse culture and, as a tolerant society, creates more room for experimentation and drives creativity to bloom with a different perspective. The specially imported technology allows Tippling to remain competitive in creating their original recipe, achieving expertise in culinary techniques and assuring food quality.Additionally, Chef Ryan has his own reality TV show on the cable network, that may act as a form publicity for Tippling. Seasonal menus are also created to attract diners for return visits.

Threat: The mounting competition from increasing numbers of celebrity chef restaurants, concept bars and restaurants sprouting in Singapore. To grow and maintain its appeal to the market, Tippling...
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