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Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Social network aggregation Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 11, 2014
Tara Stockage
Social Networking
September 11, 2013
English 015
Is the social networking beneficial to people in the world today? Social networking has recently become the quickest, most convenient way for individuals to stay in touch throughout the world. Social networking allows people to communicate through, share thoughts and post pictures. Social networking is a huge advantage to people today. Social media benefits our society in many ways such as communication with people around the world, business opportunities and promotions and is fast and easy to use. Over the years social networking has grown in so many ways that most people today don’t even know how to live without it. Social networking serves as a great way to communicate with people throughout the world. Social networking allows people to share their ideas and communicate with other regardless where they are living in the world. For example many families and friends are located throughout the world and rarely get to see one another, social networking allows them to feel as if they are with them all time by sharing pictures, video and even chatting with one another. Another example is social networking allows people to make new friends and socialize with one another without seeing them face to face. Another way social networking is good for communications is that families can great group pages to stay in touch as a family as a whole. Overall social networking servers as a great communicator for people throughout the worlds in numerous ways. The use of social networking in the success of business is immense. Social networking is beneficial to businesses in many ways. There are many social networking websites that help businesses get their name out there. Social networking websites allow business to get people to notice who they are. Social networking even allows businesses to sell their product online and make their business worldwide. Social networking allows employers to connect with their...
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