tda 3.1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Learning Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: February 6, 2014
CYP core 3.1
Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important- The pattern of development for children and young people is very important, we must realise that all areas of development are linked together. Everyone develops at different stages. The different types of development are split into four important areas; 1.Physical development- this includes gross motor development of the arms and legs and large muscles in their body, fine motor development is in their hands and fingers. 2.Social and emotional development- this is the development of relationships and feelings about the things they learn around them and the development of their identity and self-image. 3.Intellectual development-this is the skill of learning, understanding, memory and concentration.

4.Communication and speech development- this is where a child learns to communicate with their friends, family and others around them. The sequence of development is a pattern and process where a series of events are followed one after another leading into a matured state, in other words it is the development link to body, mobility and intellectual growth. A baby’s physical development may begin with rolling over and then sitting up, crawling, walking and running. Babies will learn simple reflexes by exploring new objects through touching and seeing over a period of roughly six weeks. After that the babies hand develops to grab whenever something is placed in its hand. (This is part of the rate of development). The rate of development is the speed in which a baby develops. They will go through different stages of development at a different rate. Most babies follow similar patterns but some may not due to abilities. The important of the differences are that when a child develops by sequencing it enables us to plan effectively and at the right time. It also tells us that the children must finish with one area of development...
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