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ction research on classroom participation

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our tutor Mr. Sonam Rinchen, for leading us in to the world of academic research which I felt is helpful in our profession as a teacher to enhance ourselves professionally. Sincere and grateful thanks are not nearly enough in expressing what I feel about the support and guidance provided by our tutor Mr. Sonam Rinchen, and some of my colleagues. This action research might never have been completed without sir’s inspiration and the belief and support sir had continually provided me during the writing of this Action Research. I also extend my appreciation and admiration to my colleagues, Karma Chenzom, Chencho Lham for helping me to design my action research in sequential order and Khundu Wangchuck for helping me to design my graph in my Action Research. I thank them so much for their time and patience that they have provided to me. Lastly I would like to thank to the education system for providing us with this module, “Research Method” here in Samtse College of Education

In recent times there is a paradigm shift in our Bhutanese education system from one of teacher centered classroom to that of student centered classroom. In the teacher centered classroom it was of more of rote learning and it was teacher who played the main role in the student learning and the students were passive listeners. Learning in the teacher centered classroom was found minimum because the students cannot retain whatever is being said by the teacher. On the other hand students centered classroom encourage the students to construct their own learning. It is learning by doing method of learning. This paper is all about how the classroom participation can be increased. The Research was carried at Damphu Higher Secondary School.

The aim of this research that I carried out is to present some initial findings from an investigation into strategies for improving class participation from students during their learning process in the class. The approach that I have used is a qualitative as well as quantitative approach and data collection was undertaken using student focus groups i.e. one whole section of class XI Arts. The findings highlight various reasons why students do or don’t participate. Also it includes some strategies which I used to encourage student participation in the class. Learning is a very complex process it demands a balance between the teacher and the learner. Teacher has been the sole owner of the knowledge in our school days, they provided with what we had to learn and how or why it is so. The lecture method was the most prominent form of instruction and the children were mere receivers. With the science of human behaviors’ finding about the impact of children’s participation in their learning there is now a shift towards child centered instruction, every teacher is trying to involve more children in the teaching learning process. In my action research I tried to assess my children’s classroom participation and then improve their participation in the teaching learning process by following certain strategies such as ‘ providing avenues for participating, giving positive feedbacks, being a role model, motivation and so on’. The strategies worked wonders and the children showed improved classroom participation. .

“Research ideally is a careful unbiased investigation of a problem.” Clifford Woody According to Lang (1996), “the active class room participation in the colleges or schools facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and development of problem solving skills” Classroom participation is a feature of many course designs. It can result in insightful comments and interesting connections being made by students and can...
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