Teachers Should Be Tested Like Students

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Teachers Should Be Tested Like Students

Education is an important component of life today, but it has also become one of the costliest activities for the United States government. In 1993, public spending on education was around 6 percent of the national income, totaling $375 billion; an amount larger than social security and national defense. However, educational experts and the public claims that such a huge investment does not correspond with the quality of education offered in schools. In fact, the huge investment in education does not correspond to improved performance by students. So, to effectively monitor education quality and performance, a number of measures have been used including adoption of evaluation tests by educational institutions. However, in order to truly improve the quality of education, I believe it is necessary to test teachers like students through similar student evaluation tests, or student led evaluation of teachers in an institution.

Standardized tests have been used for years to test student progress in schools. However, they are delayed in controversy as to whether they accurately measure student progress. One main benefit is that these are tests that can be used to track the progress of an individual progressively and objectively over several years, and inform on overall progress. Additionally, standardized tests are important because they point out weaknesses in education systems and poorly managed schools. Therefore, it is my opinion that if these tests can uncover such discrepancies in the education sector, then they need to be used to evaluate teachers as well, uncovering poor and ill-trained educators. Thus, poor teachers can be further trained so that they are at par with other educators, and this will ultimately improve education standards by routinely identifying the weak in the education sector.

In order to also identify poor and weak teachers, a second method to test teachers needs to be introduced....
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