teaching assistant level 3 assignment 1

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Q1) Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years.

There are five main stages of a child's development in the first five years of their life.


When a baby Is born the first physical contact starts when they lie on their back before discovering their hands and toes. At the end of this stage a baby will begin to start lifting his head and will happily start kicking his legs around. As the months go on they will become more nimble and be able to shuffle, crawl or even try to stand and walk unaided. By the time a child reaches the age of four it should be capable of charring out activities such as being able to kick, catch, throw and bounce a ball. By the age of five a child will be able to draw and paint a picture that resembles the object in question.


In the early stages of a child's life he will be able to focus on their parent or carers face making eye contact and will be able to see other objects up to a few inches away from their face. The child should also be able to start to reach for toys and other bright objects offered to them. By the age of two a child will be able to play by them self in “pretend” play and sometimes talk to them self why doing so. By the age of four he will be able to interact in activities such as building bricks and completing puzzles as their memory and concentration has progress. At the age of five will be able to recognise and count confidently ask questions about their interests and things around them.


From birth till two a baby will go from crying and cooing to copying sounds and imitating animal noises such as “meow”, “moo” , “baa” also will be able to respond to simple instructions as “wave buy buy”. Between the age of three and five he will be able able to speak in sentences,recognise songs to sing along to them, as time goes on their vocabulary will increase and will be confident speaker by the age of five....
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