Teaching Assistant Level 3 Unit 1 Quest

Topics: Developmental psychology, Puberty, Learning Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Teaching Assistant Level 3
Assignment 1 – L/601/1693

Understanding How Children and Young People Develop
Student Name: - Samantha Danks
Student Number: - SADAN2355
Question 1.1:
Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth-19years:

There are 5 areas of human development and they are Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional (SPICE).

Social and Emotional is the development of a child’s identity and self-image. They will learn how to relate to themselves and to others around them. They will learn how to develop friendships and relationships, and how to ‘fit in’ to society.

Physical is the development of the body as it increases in skill and strength. This includes Gross Motor Skills (the use of larger muscles, i.e. – arms and legs) and Fine Motor Skills (the more precise use of muscles, i.e. – hands and fingers). These skills very much depend on diet and nutrition, genetic make-up and exercise. If a child suffers from an illness or allergy, or their diet is poor, it will have a huge impact on not only their Physical development, but other areas of development too.

Intellectual development concerns the child learning the skills of understanding, memory and concentration. They will develop the skills to solve problems and to process new information.

Communication development is learning to communicate with people around them, not only with the spoken and written word, but also with body language and facial expressions, and their ability to read them correctly.

Social and Emotional Development

Babies – respond to voices and faces and recognise the familiar. They feel secure when cuddled.

1-2 years - They like comfort, often choosing items to achieve this i.e. – a teddy bear/blanket. They feel anxious when separated from their main carer.
They enjoy playing with older children.
Their increased independence shows them wanting to do more for themselves but showing frustration when they...
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