Teaching with Brain in Mind

Topics: Brain, Theory of multiple intelligences, Human brain Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: April 12, 2013
TCHG 502 – Reflection Paper #4

Brain Enrichment in Classroom

Dr. Gehan Sedki

Salem Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed

Graduate School of Education


Jensen 1998 demonstrates that enrichment is not only to decorate classrooms but it goes beyond that. Enrichment means to focus on how to deal with student’s minds properly as we are in a bad need to enrich our students’ brains to pave the way in front of them to smoothly move, participate and enjoy the educational process. When students are reflectively engaged with their learning, it is likely to be more efficient and effective. It is our responsibility to change our schools from hospitals and prisons into a fertile environment that push our students forward towards creativity. I admired a lot Jensen’s chapter about enrichment as it gives a detailed description of how to enrich our students’ minds efficiently. I discovered that I already use some of these procedures and I will use music for example in my class as I did not do it before. I’d like to refer to the MI theory as a means of brain enrichment. Gardner 1993 suggests that virtually everyone has the capacity to develop all eight intelligences to a reasonably high level of performance if given the appropriate encouragement, enrichment, and instruction. Therefore we are in a bad need to reconsider our educational system which entirely ignores our needs and expectations

Inside classroom

Since our education is grade-oriented one, it’s our duty as teachers and educators to do our best to enrich our students’ brains so that they can develop their thinking to meet their needs as well as the challenges of the world we live in. There are certain things I am using to enrich my students’ brains such as the way they sit during my lessons. I usually start my lesson with mingling around each other in a circle so as to alert their brains. They show...
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