Team Games Tournament

Topics: Education, Classroom, Learning Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Increasing Students’ Speaking Frequency Through Teams-Games-Tournament (TGT) Technique; A Class Room Action Research on the Pre- Elementary IV Students of Gajah Mada English Course Pontianak in the year 2006/2007

Speaking is one of language skills that students must master in English learning and it is the way to share their ideas, feelings opinions, thoughts or information by using the target language (L2). Sharing ideas can not be done in one way only, but must be done in two ways, where the students involve in situation that allowed them to share ideas. Communication in English is enjoyable for students who have mastered the speaking activity but not for those who have not mastered the language, they even consider the speaking activity as a hard skill to be mastered. However, there are also students who have mastered English but hesitate to speak and deliver the language in the classroom. An effective speaking activity involves an active student to take a part and create the real life situation in teaching and learning process. However, it still seems to be a main problem in every English class to encourage the students to speak in the classroom. It is mostly found that in teaching learning process the teacher is only as the model, to give his or her students’ exercises, but they are rarely given opportunities to apply the language in the real life communication. As the consequence, the students are good in written form but not in the oral form. The same case also happens to the Pre-elementary IV Students at Gajahmada English Course to speak, where the writer is teaching. In this case, the Pre-elementary IV students are not able to express their ideas, opinions, thoughts, or shared information to the teacher or the other students in oral communication. The class tends to be silent, only a few of them are active to speak, and the students’ speaking frequency in speaking class tends to be low. From the fact above, the writer...
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