Technologically Addicted

Topics: Abuse, Problem solving, Child abuse Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Sharif Elalem
Ms. Tartaglia
Eng. Composition I
26 Nov. 2012
This is the zombie generation; people spend more time stuck to the screens of their phones and computers rather than spend time outside with friends. This zombie generation is obsessed with life's unneeded objects. Where are the purpose-driven peers? Where is awareness amongst this blind bunch? Technology as a whole is bringing down the ability for not only students but adults as well to communicate face to face. The “addiction” to technology has become an epidemic. People who overuse technology for hours on end and there’s more than a hand full of people who take their technology too far and simple entertainment and ease starts becoming abused. There are many problems that can arise from the abuse and over use of technology. The mental toll technology has on us can take our brains to new levels of stress, and also it can take a larger toll on our bodies. There is however some opposition to this, the belief that we have a right to use technology. Technology. Perhaps it’s nothing harmful. Every phone, every laptop, every computer, and every car. Every flat screen TV and every video game console. Technology. Perhaps we live it. Perhaps it lives us. The article “Virtual Addiction: Sometimes New Technology Can Create New Problems” states “Technology, and most especially, computers and the Internet, seem to be at best easily overused/abused, and at worst, addictive”( Greenfield 2). Here, Dr. Greenfield is stating his opinion that technology is being abused. He goes on to state the physiological and psychological effect technology can have on us, saying its “mood altering, and potentially behaviorally impacting”. We now also have a generation of “gamers” those who spend countless hours in front of their TVs or computers just playing games. Those who play video games on the regular tend to actually have higher IQ’s and that is attributed to the gamer’s enhanced problem solving skills. However, the so called...

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