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* Technology has been changing and improving education for centuries. Most changes have happened with the introduction of the computer into classrooms. In addition to the computer there have been many other technologies that have been added such as the LCD projector and internet access in the class. * With the help of projectors we can easily understand the lessons. Technology makes things easier in our life. For ex in olden days people had to travel long to know information about anything, but now we get it in seconds by single click, Yes I am talking about Internet. If we use computers in class room instead of paper, it would help to cut down costs for copies and paper for copiers.

In future the audiovisual technology classroom is classes that will be held over the computer almost like a videoconference. The teacher will not actually have to be in the room physically but can conduct his lesson off class. Sooner or later there will be no need to go to a library or to go to a class everything will be accessible from your desktop or laptop computer.

When talking about the future of technology in the classroom it seems as if you can dream it, it can happen. We see technology going in many different directions. I think that in the future all school children will have notebook computers. These will be their primary instruments of learning. The school districts will provide them for their students and they will be pre-programmed to the child’s academic schedule. As an example, the students will have on their homepage different icons for different subjects. When clicking on that subject’s icon the student will have access to a number of software programs that the student needs for that subject. The teacher will have a built in program that allows them to call up any student’s screen to evaluate their progress or to assist the student. Student work will be completely different in the future. No longer will students make...
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