Technology Changes Communication

Topics: Education, School, Classroom Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: September 26, 2013
Many people do not think about the positivity of online education at all. These are questions I received from friends and family members when I tell them that I am taking online classes. How can you focus with kids around? Can you really learn anything without having lectures from instructor? When I think over these questions, at first I thought I put myself into something that will end unsuccessfully. Before I began the classes, I thought there was nothing much to learn rather reading a book and write tests. When I started classes, I realized the best opportunity gain when studying online. For mother like myself, I have opportunity to stay with my children and stay at my computer desk while participating in class activities and taking care of my children at the same time. I just ask them to do something quietly so they do not distract me and they are able to understand.

In this particular class, we respond to questions in written explanation in order to supports our arguments. Others are able to read and respond to them. I think in typical classroom, someone choose to not responds to a question if they think that they don’t know what to say or if they don’t have a motivation to participate on a subject being discuss.

When there was no online study, people had no opportunities to study at their prefer universities and if they have varies that keep them from moving or financial to the destination of the school, they just decided to not further their educations. It was impossible for parents with young children to go back to school because they have to work to support their families and spend the rest of their days with them.

Being able to study in comfort of your home is one of the best of online study. Imagine in winter, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to travel to school; you just stay warm in your home and don’t have to waste money on transportation. Online study is both time and money saver. We also have opportunity to access...
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