Technology in the Classroom

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Time after time we hear everywhere comments from grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters saying that ‘things were so much different when we were in school at your age, and now a days kids are just staring at screens and pushing buttons and now family time includes having your phone with you at all times and checking on your ‘tweets’’. After learning more about some of the ways the school system plans on incorporating technology in the classroom, I am starting to sound a little bit like those before me. We discussed briefly in class a little bit about LPS wanting to convert over to paperless in the next few years, this was honestly the first time I’ve heard anything about paperless classrooms. After reading and hearing many other students’ responses to the subject, we can see that there are many pros and cons to having a paperless classroom. Everyone has a different view, some saying that we need to prepare children for the world they’re going to grow up in and how they’re going to need to be technologically savvy, other’s point out the important fact that we as a world need to be more eco-friendly. I still stand by my opinion on the matter, in which I would not want to be a paperless classroom teacher which I originally said in my black board post. Yes, there are many pros to the situation such as: teaching children at an early age how to use technology more efficiently, having access to all homework, textbooks and lectures via the internet and being more eco-friendly. But ultimately I couldn’t imagine staring at a computer screen all day 5 days a week for what could be long periods of time. I used to work in an Outbound calling center, when I lived in Omaha. I worked for an insurance company and I sat in front of a huge computer screen staring at the computer while helping customers via headset. By the end of my shift, my eyes hurt terribly and I always got headaches during my shift that would linger for hours after I got off. After work when it came time to write papers or do homework I wouldn’t even want to think about turning on my laptop I would prefer looking at a textbook. Even as I’m writing my paper, I have my screen brightness all the way down because if I stare at any type of screen for long periods of time I get headaches especially if the brightness is way up. My peer reviewer also mentioned this is why she printed off my paper even though I sent it to her via email because she too cannot stare at computers for long periods of time. According to 50-90% of people who work at a computer screen have at least some symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). According to WebMD, CVS is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. When you look at a book and then look up to look around the room that you’re in the lighting is the same most likely throughout that room. Now when you look at a computer screen and then look around the room, the lighting is significantly different and your eyes have to constantly readjust to the new lighting, which can cause strain on your eyes. At this time there is no evidence on long-term damage that staring at a computer too long can do but it can still cause eye irritation, blurred or double vision, headaches and neck or back pain. Also, keep in mind that the letters on a screen are not as sharp as letters printed on a piece of paper. When documents are scanned out of original prints and placed on the computer to read, there is always the risk that the scanner may not pick up on everything. I have witnessed this several times when I was in school and including in my past workplace. Where as if you have the original document right in front of you on paper, you can always go back and reread it to find the error. A paperless classroom as my peer reviewer mentioned could also bring a lot of technical difficulties along with it. You must make sure all devices use the same software or else you run into the dilemma where you saved something under a different type of...
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