Technology is taking over the World

Topics: Distance education, Communication, E-learning Pages: 4 (1216 words) Published: March 10, 2014
We are currently in a technological age. Electronics are now used to complete everyday tasks from cooking to even cleaning. In the kitchen, there are refrigerators that keep vegetables crisp and can tell what the weather forecast for the week is. Everyday vacuum cleaners now have the latest in “cyclone technology” and some can even clean a house while one takes a nap. However, no one area has utilized technology as much as primary and higher educational systems. No longer do classes have chalkboards, rulers, and textbooks. They have been replaced for smart boards, projectors, tablets, e-books, and a variety of other gadgets. This use of technology, for the most part, is a benefactor for the students because they are able to attain a much richer education and understand concepts better than before through hands on exercises. However, relying solely on technology without human input may result differently. Distance learning is an ineffective and unsecured substitute to a physical college/university because they don’t provide the long-term knowledge or hands on experience that prepares students for post-secondary careers or relationships.

Even though technology is a large part of society today, interactions with real life people, through verbal communication is ideal to obtain a happy and successful life. Distance learning is mainly completed through the computer and rarely allows for a student to gain the proper communication skills needed to succeed after the class. In a job interview they look for strong communication skills, as well as an educated background. On the job, a keyboard and screen Asari 2

can’t be used to convey ones thoughts and ideas. Another natural part of life, creating social bonds, requires an individual to communicate with others. This can’t be practiced when a glass screen separates two people, miles away from each other. These valuable skills can only be gained through a classroom environment where people talk and ideas are put out...
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