Technology: Uses and Improvements for Teachers

Topics: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Whiteboard Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Subject: Media Specialists prepare teachers for uses in media.

I. Area of Focus: I find it interesting that so many teachers have access to technology that they do not utilize. I am curious if teachers would be more inclined to utilize technology in the classroom if they were more confident in their technology skills. * In my position as a media specialist, I frequently help teachers with their technology needs. * I have noticed that many of our teachers are hesitant to use new technology. My county made a commitment last year to upgrade the technology at both high schools. Most of the classrooms were equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors. At the beginning of this school year, I noticed that many of teachers were still “checking out” TV’s. I asked several of the teachers if they would like to check out a DVD player to use with their projector and whiteboard instead of a TV. Several of the teachers told me that they had never used their new equipment because they were fearful. I quickly noticed that many of teachers were not taught to use the new technology. When I offered to teach them, I was frequently told that they did not have the time to learn something new. * Therefore, I would like to develop short, manageable lessons or tutorials for teachers to use to learn about technology to promote the use of our available resources. * Points of interest regarding the concern/problem/issue, as presented in the literature, include: (You will likely add to and/or change this section throughout the process of finalizing the ARP-that is fine, at this point include what you know.) (a) Many teachers are overwhelmed with administrative matters and they do not have enough time to devote to professional development. (b) Teachers frequently report that they need someone to teach them about available technology and educate them in a way that will help them integrate technology into the curriculum. (c) Many classrooms remain teacher-centered, and...
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