Television and Parents

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Watching television is becoming a daily routine to everyone in this world, which includes children. Apparently, children these days are watching too much television. Moreover, they considered watching television as a hobby instead of doing healthier and benefiting activities, such as reading, exercising or interacting with other. Ever since the television become popular with films and programs, more and more children began to get obsessed with watching television.

Parents nowadays have become the prime targets of accusation. In fact, despite being the target of blame, they themselves were also unaware of the conditions themselves. On the contrary, the caretaker(s), whom was/were hired to babysit their children, are also a part of this blame.

Part A: Interviews
Family one

Jessy Chuah Wei Chin is thirty-nine years old, she works as a part-time piano teacher who teaches music at her own home. She has a family of four. Her husband works as an accountant. She has two adorable sons, Teoh Tze Kang, 9 years old, and Teoh Tze Jun, 5 years old. Jessy said she is aware of the statement above and strongly agrees that watching TV is indeed harmful, especially to children. But there is no way that she will completely ban her children from watching TV because that is one of the activities her sons love doing it very much, she said. Her children usually spent exactly an hour every weekday on watching TV while two hours on the weekend. They are only allowed to watch TV after they have finished their schoolwork. If their children did not follow the TV-watching schedule set by her, they will be banned from watching TV on the next following day. When it comes to the type of television programs that Jessy’s children watch, she is quite selective about it. Her children usually watch educational television programs that are showed by Disney Channel such as Little Einsteins(classical music), Handy Manny(good manners) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(problems solving). Because besides learning skills that are taught in the television programs, her children have also picked up English language in a short period of time. Other television programs such as soap operas and cartoons such as Ben10 and Chowder are not allowed to watch because it does not contain any educational substance and the language used in those programs are improper. How does she knows about whether which program is suitable for her children to watch? She will spend her free time to watch all the television programs that is aired on Disney Channel and decides which ones are the best for her children. ‘I cannot trust the TV guide whole-heartedly’ she said. So the way to solve this problem is to filter the TV programs by herself. Watching television is indeed harmful to children and there is no point avoiding watching tv just because of that. ‘Not to avoid, but control.’ said Jessy. Family two

Enith Eric Perera is a thirty-five years old full-time housewife. She has three kids; their age ranging from seven to two years old. During the interview, she confessed about how busy her life is. With three young kids to take care of, and the never-ending house chores, she did not really paid attention to the statement. Apparently she is aware and heard of the statement, but had never taken it seriously. She has read on how TV harms kids. That is why she does not allow her kids to watch TV so often and she was surprise that watching TV would cause such harm to kids....
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