Television Based reality

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Television Based Reality
Mary-Katherine Guzofski
Liberty University
BS: Paralegal Studies - APA

Television viewing plays a large part in American culture today because it is a widely accepted form of entertainment. The negative effect that too much watching is having on its unsuspecting audience has begun to be more noticeable on society as a whole. The individuals portrayed on fictional programs are so well known to their spectators that it is almost as if the characters themselves have become part of the daily routine of the home. Since this feeling of belonging has manifested, viewers come to a place where they are so connected with what they are watching that it becomes blended with their true reality. This begins the process of false comparisons being drawn between what is seen on television and the actual life of the viewer. This is a dangerous effect that has begun to creep into areas of romantic relationships, choosing a career and has even gone so far as to cause some to make adjustments to their physical appearance. The Bible has seemingly been pushed to the wayside in this world of pop culture. It is however the only source of truth on all these matters and must be once again consulted for the sake of our American culture.

Television Based Reality
In this fasted paced digital age television viewing is no longer used as a source of entertainment but rather the images displayed have become something that has blended into the background of each day. Although seemingly harmless, there is a danger associated with constant absorption. The Bible gives a clear warning when it says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” (Proverbs 4:23, NLT). The problem with allowing the images of television into your heart and your mind is that, television does not display real life; a fact that seems to be forgotten the more it is watched. Excessive television viewing is having a negative effect on American culture because of the mental perceptions that are being developed around what is seen. People are not heeding the biblical warning and as figure one illustrates there are conscience and subconscious connections being made with the situations and circumstances that are viewed. Television promotes a false sense of reality that can be harmful because of the comparisons viewers draw between what they see and what they experiences in their own lives. These false based comparisons can have life altering effects and may be found in the areas of romantic relationships, career planning and personal appearance. Mindsets that are formed from the comparisons drawn in the area of romantic relationships can be harmful to not only the individual who draws them but also to the one they are in a relationship with. A popular form of entertainment today falls under the title, reality TV. The irony of this is that it is far from reality. Standard shows included in the category of romance are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The basic premise of these shows is that one man or woman goes on a string of glamorous dates with twenty five people of the opposite sex. Throughout the course of the show, the pool of candidates gets narrowed down in a weekly ceremony. As the group gets smaller dates become more intimate and a personal element of meeting family is incorporated. The hope for the final show is that an engagement will take place (Show Summary, n.d.). Viewers of this type of program can find themselves easily caught up in the story line because of the way the show takes them along and gives them an inside look. The harm in this, is that the false reality of this show dramatizes relationships in a way that cannot be duplicated in day to day life. What was originally intended to be nothing more than a few evenings of entertainment, has now become a dangerous comparison point for the viewer’s own romantic relationships. The biblical qualities...

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