Television Mirrors Society

Topics: Television, Reality television, Television program Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 19, 2008
Television is the main hobby of most of the modern population. It is watched almost 12 hours a day on the average. Televisions exist everywhere. There is rarely a place that does not have one. TV's are in homes, bars, stores, restaurants and they have even been made to fit in cars and bathrooms. This is one of the most occupied inventions; one that may sometimes be a bad thing. Watching television all the time is not a good quality to have. People sit home all day while being entertained by cartoons, music videos, and soap operas rather than getting out in the real world and learning for themselves. Instead they prefer an unhealthy way of life due to the fact that a click of a button can easily bring the world to you without any effort. Exceptions may be watching the news or something educational; however, the world has become very lazy by constantly watching TV.

Today's society reflects upon the television. People learn from TV and develop thoughts, ideas and beliefs that affect their way of life and way of thinking. There are so many shows and channels and each one is geared to specific types of people. For instance, channels such as the discovery channel, the news as well as animal planet are intended for people who want to learn and be well informed while shows such as CSI and Law and Order are for people who want to learn or people who are interested in crimes. There are also soap operas, reality shows, comedy shows and music videos. They are mostly geared towards teens and bored or unemployed adults. These types of shows are the most commonly watched; nevertheless also being the ones that influence the population today. These shows usually depict sex, drugs and violence and also degrade upon the woman populace.

Some people believe that television has corrupted the American society. What one witnesses on the TV influences their personality and contributes to their attitude. There are a scarce amount of shows that are proposed to...
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