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The Entertainment Industry has been an influence into society’s lives for many years now. It has been changing drastically and continuing to shine a light on what we think. Most would tell you that they don’t appreciate what it has to offer. This could be true in some sense, considering it has impacted the world in many different wonders. On a day by day basis we are learning from what we see on television as well as what we hear on the radio. It’s changing what we think and how we act towards each other. This business has been the highlight of people’s views on politics, family issues, relationships and many other aspects of life. As the industry continues to grow, more people are getting involved in learning about it. Entertainment is all around us, even when we are not in front of a television. It’s funny because we think we have more entertainment now then years ago, but we actually are just more aware of it.

It took many years to get the entertainment industry up and running. There are many forms of entertainment that has been created. Musical, artistic, comedic, and so many more. While the idea of the entertainment industry was being thought out, it started small. One of the first forms of entertainment was sports. There are hundreds of different sports all over the world. Whether it be soccer, baseball, or the all American football it is still to this day of the biggest forms of entertainment. It brings joy to people to learn about their favorite teams and to get together and cheer them all on. Wrestling was one of the earliest sports around, according to the bible. Now football and baseball are probably the most popular. Sports bring entertainment because you are able to be interactive during them, and not just watch. It gives you the chance to be a part of the entertainment, part of the team. Sports have always been incorporated into most everything as well. One big thing about sports and entertainment is culture. Sports bring others together from other countries. The Olympics for example is probably one of the biggest things in entertainment. The Olympics introduce sports most have never even heard of before. Thousands of people tune into watch each year to cheer on their favorite country. It gives us all a chance to watch and evaluate different countries and join together in celebrating. One good thing about it, is that it mixes genders in the mix too. While most consider sports to be a guy thing, girls are able to enjoy it as well.

As time went on others tried to find new ways of entertainment. As years went on another type of entertainment was developed, that being plays. According to this website I found recently called, “Theatre Timeline”, the first plays were tribal dances in the 800 B.C. Tribal dances are a form of expression and are still around in some cultures today. Many places around Africa use tribal dances for weddings, birthdays, and many more celebrations. After tribal dances, festivals were the next big thing. Festivals were a great form of entertainment and still are today. Festivals are filled with different types of entertainment, which makes them even more fun to go too. When you get there they usually have plays, games and neat food places for family’s or field trips to eat at. Usually each festival is also a different theme. Back in 3100 B.C the Egyptians always had festivals. That’s how they celebrated just about everything. Around 800 B.C is when dramatic dance began to come around. Dramatic dance represents expression, kind of like tribal dancing. Dramatic dance is around in the United States more though. Most of the time you see dramatic dance is in a pageant or something along those terms. As all of these were a great way of entertainment during these times people wanted more. That’s when plays came about. The first play was in Egypt and has worked its way up since then. Plays are a universal...

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