The Amistad

Topics: Slavery, Sierra Leone, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: November 22, 2013

The Amistad
With any movie there is always a purpose and objective. The viewing process of the movie is to support literacy and to asses personal strengths and inspire personal growth. With the movie The Amistad the objective of the movie was to remind individuals of the progress that has been made since the slavery times of the past. It helps to remind people that there is much more change still to be made when it comes to situations that directly deal with the issue of race. Intentionally or not the movie helps set future individual and groups goals for what is yet to come in the context of prejudice acts. The producers of The Amistad’s intent of the movie was to learn and to recap the tribulations of the Africans in the many years of slavery. This movie closes the door on perception of many people think slavery was or is. It depicts a raw nature for how slaves were gruesomely emotionally and physically abused. The movie also informs the viewers of how all the people involved in the slave buy and trade business worked and behaved. The producers in my eyes wanted viewers to see things that most movies have trouble showing. The nature of the movie was very honest. The producers were very successful in their objective.

Both the book and the movie had their strengths and weaknesses. The movie shows the true colors of all the characters, when it comes to the owners of the ship Ruiz and Montez, and there determination to keep all the slaves as they are even though international slave trade was illegal. It also succeeded in truly showing the difficulty and suffering of the Mende slaves and the gruesome treatment they were given in trying to prove themselves innocent and return to their families. It triumphs in going into better detail in how flawed the judicial system was regarding slaves and their rights as human beings, and it greatly showed how much of an impact the trial had in starting a revolution in freeing slaves. John Quincy Adams was also a major...
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