the beauty and the beast

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Name: Reil DuhaylungsodYr/Section: III-St.Claire of Assisi

The Haunted School
R.L. Stine
I. Setting
a. Time
The time settings were two. The one is late 1940s and the one is at the present which is in the late 2000s.

b. Place
It was mainly in school, the “Bell Valley Middle School” there was two sides of the school the old one or the abandoned and the one is the newly constructed one. The old one is somewhat like mysterious because there was a classroom where the children in that particular class were disappeared without knowing where they go.

II. Characters
Tommy Frazer- A twelve year old kid who moves to a new town and goes to a new school, he decides to help decorate for the upcoming school dance. He was silent in some ways because he didn’t know what to do or to communicate with other people because he was new. He was persistent to face all the obstacles and help other people. Thalia Halpert-Rodis- A beautiful, kind blonde hair girl who always wear makeup (red lipstick) who is also working on the dance. She was being bullied by Greta because she always wear makeup and she’s kind of weird. Ben Jackson- He also works for the decorations in the school dance. He always makes jokes or pranks to Tommy Frazer. He is scared and always freaked out when they went to the gray world.

III. Theme or Message
It was a mysteriously kind of story. Despite the title, there are no ghosts in this book. The Haunted School has an inspired plot and some genuinely disturbing sequences (the passage where the girls spit black liquid into each other's faces would have messed me up for life if I'd read it as a child). Possibly the best or at the very least one of the best books I've read in this series, this novel lends further credibility to the theory that RL Stine finally drummed up some Hail Mary inspiration for the final few books of the series.

IV. Plot
1. Beginning Event
When a twelve-year-old named Tommy Frazer moves to a...
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