The benefits of TV

Topics: Television, Learning, The Weather Channel Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Do you like watching TV? It is all around us. People spend a lot of time watching it. There are three main reasons why TV is good: you can get information, you can get enjoyment, and you can learn. First, TV is good because of information given. There are some great channel on TV such as weather channel and discovery channel and culture. For example you can check the weather by TV and know about how the weather is change not just in area you live event about around the area you live. Another thing we can say is discovery channel. This channel it can help to know about geography and animal all around a world. I really like to watch culture channel. In culture channel you can watch a wide variety of features on historical, and philosophical. Watch TV is great for get a lot of information. Second, there are a lot of enjoyment on TV for children and family and elderly. For example children can watch TV in the free time and enjoy watching specially cartoon. Also in family time family member could watching TV during the time and have a good time. Furthermore elderly people can have a great time during the watching TV because they can sit in home and just turn the TV on and watch the TV channel they like and have a pleasure time. TV is wonderful to have an enjoyment time. Third, the TV can improve your English skills. You can learn English by reading a subtitles and listening to the TV. For example you can put the subtitle on and try to read the subtitle this can be the good way to improve your reading and even learn some new vocabulary. Additionally you can develop your listening skills with listen to TV program and even you can improve your pronunciation. In fact to improve your listening and your pronunciation is better to watch the news such as weather channel and information news channel. Overall, there are a lot of good activity and good information we can include for TV such as information from news and enjoyment and learning English. My suggestion to you is...
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