The Candidate

Topics: Political campaign, Political party, Cameo appearance Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Adolfo Cerón Muñoz
31 August 2011
POLS 3301
Arthur English
“The Candidate”
I think that the movie tries to say to society, the way in which a person lives a political campaign, as well as the handling and the appareances that a person has to have in the political world, can bring many changes to the life of the candidate. In this case the candidate is Bill McKay, many things change in terms of public aspect with public media, public opinion, the citizens and also in the private aspect as it is with his family, specifically with his wife and his father. In the case of the relationship with his wife it is obivious that the distance deteriorates their relationship because of the work in his campaign. The movie reveals that in campaigns there is often a sexual compromise for the candidates over sex and power. For example, there are several scenes where a woman involved in the campaign of Bill McKay is very enticing, to the extent that he cheats on his wife with her. Another one of the fundamental aspects that accounts for this type of behavior is the stress that is experienced by those involved with the campaign. which occurs not only with politicians in the U.S., but also within the world. This film is clearly a reflection of what involves a political campaign and can perfectly be exemplified today. Many of the resources used in the 70’s to attract voters still exist today and do not vary much from those used nowadays. For example calling people to audiences for the presentation of the candidate and hear the proposals, visiting communities, greeting people on the street, and making television commercials. As shown in several scenes, Bill McKay goes to the beach to talk with young people, greets people outside of the train stations, gives presentations at venues such as the scene where the audience is presented in a locality. There were only a few people in a bad mood, it was a very funny scene from the film. What changes...
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