The ClockworkSystem Project: Classroom Schedule Management System

Topics: Classroom, Design pattern, Problem solving Pages: 7 (1688 words) Published: August 24, 2014
“The ClockworkSystem Project: Classroom Schedule Management System”

Researcher: Jacob Baring
Jessie Tarrosa
John Lemnil Patindol
Jhon Keneth Presillas

School: Cebu Technological University- Tuburan Campus Barangay 8, Tuburan, Cebu
Date: July 21, 2014
Adviser: Engr. Naomi A. Bajao

The main goal of this classroom schedule management System is to lift the heavy problems of the students and instructors especially during the opening of class, many students (Including our team) noticed that posting the entire schedule list in a single dashboard would take much time for us. It’s such a hassle for us to write the whole schedule in a piece of paper or go back again to the dashboard to see the list again. To solve this terrific horror, Our team agreed to propose a solution for this situation, due to the fact that most students brings Smartphone or Laptop with them, it would be easier if they have direct access to the updated schedule list. Itsmejacky23( once stated “A class schedule maker will go a long way in making life easier for students as this automates the process of scheduling classes to some extent. It is a useful tool that will save a lot of time.” meaning to say, by making the schedule list available for public and accessible anywhere, we could help the students and instructors save their time , now they can either print it or copy it in their Smartphone or laptop as long as the updated schedule list is available. We also aim to create a strong impact to the students, instructors and administrators using this application, since managing schedule comes in handy, instructor can easily request a schedule slot even if the instructor is at home as long as the server is up. It might eliminate the time of going back and forth to the University requesting for a new schedule.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The manual arrangements of Class schedules taking too much time is such a burden not only by the students but also to the instructors. These manual process class scheduling taking much time causes conflict and delay of classes. Problem in assigning of Instructors and classrooms in every class also arises due to manual Scheduling System of this institution. This problem has been observed in starting every semester of an Academic Year.

These said problems are the major reason why classes were only able to discuss fewer topics. Postponement of exams also arises due to these problems. Shorter time span in making projects gives burden to students especially when projects on different subjects piled up.

Thus, an automated scheduling system must be proposed and developed to minimize the time of class scheduling and conflict of classes.

1.2.1 Main Problem. The manual process of class scheduling that taking much time causes conflict and delay of classes

1.2.2 Sub-Problems.Problem in assigning of Instructors and classrooms in every class also arises due to manual Scheduling System of this institution.

1.3 Significance
We believe that this Research Topic is extremely relevant to University’s community since it is focused on minimizing or fixing the Scheduling problems we encountered in University also it plays the most important role to our team, with this research topic we could learn and practice MVC(model view controller) design patterns, and extend our knowledge. According to our recent findings (based on our random sample survey in CTU Tuburan Campus) 3/5 students are not satisfied with their class schedule. Upon doing this study, we will also find out the reason behind their un-satisfaction, and we might also cover any possible solution for these un-satisfactions. This topic is only limited to minimize or solve the following problem: Hassle Schedule Mechanism

Classroom Conflicts
Poor Access to Schedule list
Unnoticed Changes of Schedule
Probably will...
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