The Cuyahoga River Vally

Topics: Cuyahoga River, Management, Akron, Ohio Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Building the Cuyahoga River Valley Organization
Kotter Model & Transorganizational Change Model
Drew Duckett
The Cuyahoga River valley known for its “natural beauty and full-throated industry.” Referenced by Steven Lit in his articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It is home to the historic Ohio and Erie Canal as well has a towpath system that demonstrated economic leadership in northeast Ohio and now an issue in the regions recreation system. The river offers many recreational activates and great nature attractions and history. As industrial progress began to initiate waste from the progress flowing down the Cuyahoga River. From the waste the river has actually caught fire as least three times since 1936. In 1972 the clean water act help reduce the waste in the Cuyahoga River, but is only 1 of 14 American Heritage river and its terrible health and unsustainable development practices have been plagued by the industrialization that surrounds it.

The Cuyahoga Valley Initiative began in 2001 that created codes and guidelines hat would help direct better improvement of development in this area. The CVI team realized that they to expand outside of the box in order to accomplish there goal of creating an artificial sustainable resource for this region. Sally’s team stepped in, in order to create a network to help organize a team effort in order to see this process through. They learned many issues that harped on them creating this organized effort. Organizing the network of partners was the most challenging and important step in order to reach their goal and implement their design. They realized the core purpose was “to promote and leverage the Cuyahoga River Valley for the benefit of the region and to do that it would need it to.

The first step in attacking this unique issue is to create a sustainable and functional network for the CVI to use. This is important because you must be able to reach people, organizations, and interest...
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