The Difference in Discussions Between Having with a Friend and in a College Class

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The difference in discussions between having with a friend and in a college class is that in a college class you are speaking/ presenting in a formal and professional way, unlike having a casual talk with a friend, a less informal talk where you both have little chit chats about personal things, girl talk/ guy talk. In a college class conversation you basically discuss your goals, future and assignments. You demonstrate your knowledge by giving specific examples. You are giving your theory or your opinion to your classmates and professor. Your communication is more professional like and clear, along with your grammar and how more careful you choose your words, because you study a topic and you’re presenting this topic to the classroom and professor.

Demonstrating respect for your classmates during a class discussion is by raising your hand, addressing your classmates and professor by their proper name(s), and most important showing respect.
Raising your hand before you shout out the answer or a question, it shows respect for your classmates, so they might have a chance to share their opinions, questions and answer. It also shows respect to the teacher, who needs order to make sure that everyone has a fair turn to speak and learn in class.

Addressing people by their proper name(s). Calling all adults, teachers, and school staff by “Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms” shows a formal tone of respect. Although you have a much more informal relationship with your friends/ classmates and teachers, you should still respect them by calling them by their proper name or nickname, which ever they prefer.

Showing respect during a class discussion by no texting, talking, and making eye contact. Or basically just paying attention to the person who is speaking without improperly interrupting them. Making eye contact sometimes let that person know you have their full attention. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want other to do while you are speaking or presenting to the...
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