The Education from China and the Usa

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The education from China and the USA
I am an international student from China, so I have received education from both China and America. I would like to compare the education systems in China and America. In Chinese education system, the most important part is high school. It is most difficult. In high school, student always spend about 13 hours per day, because they have a very difficult exam called Gaokao, and it is an entrance examination to college. A student who receives high scores in the exam can enter a better college, which means he can find a good job in the future. So everyone wants to get high scores in that exam. They have a lot of subjects to learn, such as math, Chinese, science, and so on. They cannot choose classes by themselves. That is why Chines are always good at math and science. They have great foundation in those subjects. In America, high school is flexible and open. High schools use credit system, and students can choose subjects by themselves. They can choose classes which they are interested in. This system helps students learn better in those classes. After school, American students have to choose two to three kinds of sports to practice. In my opinion, they not only train their bodies, they also practice leadership and teamwork, which cannot be learned from books, and only those activities can make people learn that. Although the education has difference in China and US, we learn almost same thing, like English, math, history and PE. In my opinion, I think the high school in the U S is better than in China, it make students have some important abilities that can be used in the society.
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