The Ethical Approach in Business Strategic Management

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The Ethical Approach in Business Strategic Management

In the current transportation industry, the major player that demonstrates a proactive approach to national express fulfills its ethical and social obligations. The National Express UK transport group with headquarters in Birmingham that operates transportations means for the pursuit to deliver exceptional services to their targeted customers are within the demographic market. The National Express Company was created in 1972 by the state owned National Bus Company (NBC) with a network focusing on the organizational understanding how understanding of ethical practice and CSR demonstrated in business (, 2009). The National Express focused effort in the transportation industry had defined the management buy-out strategic approaches, such as, in 1988 a restructuring of the management team to diversify proactively.

The identified National Express fulfills its ethical and social obligations based upon corporate information through investments with B2B partners that work on a environmental platform. The strategy that National Express conducted resulted in the ethical obligations to the employee’s staff that will demonstrate the organizational behavior required to improving CSR attributes in business processes under the many facets of sub-businesses. The enclosed review of the strategy management of National Express business initiatives that entails busy, coach, rail, and train services for a behavioral ethical concept – that contributes to the organizational using of environmental safety strategic approach based on the demographics. Therefore, the identified social pressures are using recycle materials in the operations of the processing to conduct business under the business models.

The external business environment relates to National Express determination in solidifying the presences of the brand identity in the US, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. The National Express action and performance seemed to continue a proactive approach that impresses the stakeholders in terms of ethical business practice and society responsible corporate behavior. The review wills focuses on the methodology with the specification of the stakeholder’s customers, investors, technology experts in transportation, and companies dependent on delivering items on time and on budget.

The understanding of the need for an ethical organizational behavior from a project manager’s perspective presents an in-depth conceptual approach in the transportation industry such as National Express. The strategic decision making are required to successfully manage complex project teams for the challenges in projects that infuses the company’s ethical perspective. The review of the methodology used in a fortune 500 companies to reaching the goals outlined in the project scope on the basis of implemented ethical approach to situations. For instance, the using of accounting for ticket sales of the bus, coach, rail, and train can assists in lower the negative effectives of non recycle usage. The National Express operation formation process is detrimental to moving through phrases of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning in order to reaching the completion of the project initiatives. Therefore, the understanding of the strategic makeup provides the organization’s project management goals the primary role in understanding the functional project organization. The strategic approach to provides the means in identifying the organizational behavior within the context of team building is to successfully moving through the phrases (Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton, 2008, pp.102).

Methodology to Implementing Ethical Measures for a Strategic Approach
The methodology for National Express relates to the turning point of the organization that in 2007 the company planned to rebrand their constituent companies under a unified identity. This purposed proved to...

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