The Great Imagination Heist

Topics: Mind, Television, Reality television Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Reynolds Price’s “The Great Imagination Heist” discusses how television has corrupted the imaginations of today’s American youth. The idea behind the word “heist” suits the title and story well; however, I disagree with his idea that television and video games have stolen youthful imaginations.

Has anyone ever thought about the people who produce video games and television shows? In all fairness, those who have made these forms of entertainment have far greater imaginations than those who disapprove of their purpose. Producers have indeed captured the minds of America’s youth and allowed children to exercise their imaginations in fantasy worlds. They do not intend to deprive children of their personal imaginations, but the intention is to expand their minds beyond what they see everyday, and beyond the common feelings they encounter in life by making them into something abnormal to the world even though what children believe is not and may never be real.

Imagination does not always involve dealing with realistic feelings or reading books and having to understand ideas in an intellectual way. Imagination does not need to be taken seriously; intelligence, on the other hand, should be taken seriously. Giving a child a book will test his reading and literacy skills. Putting a child in front of a 20/20 broadcast will confuse him. Reading books are meant for learning, not to expand one’s imagination. Children are not supposed to believe that television and video games are bad for them when this addictive hobby only makes them happy. It is only an excessive amount of television entertainment that will truly damage a child’s intellect. Adults, however, understand both how to read and the difference between reality and fantasy worlds and the effects television has on their intelligence.

The truth is that television and video games are a part of this generation and they will not disappear soon. Rather than blaming the producers of these systems for stealing...
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