The Happiest Moment in My Life

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Wedding, Jeddah Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The Happiest Moment in My life
People always say that it is the happiest moment of my life, and I will remember it forever. I thought the opposite until I lived the moment and I knew yes this is it. This is the happiest moment in my life. The day that my life changed, and made me happy is the 5th of December 2013 at a beach resort in my hometown Jeddah. It was my wedding. I knew that my wife is special the first day we met.

I knew my Mother-in-law for 14 years, but I never met her daughter, my wife Mayan. I saw her once and it was on my sister’s wedding. I liked her, but I was too busy with my studies in Germany. After 13 years my friend told me about her, and she planned a date for us. Actually Mayan didn’t know it’s a date. From the first moment there was chemistry between us. We went out more often together and we decided to think seriously about getting married .From here another stage started; is the planning for the wedding.

Me and Mayan both are open minded, and we decided to make our wedding different, not the typical traditional wedding. We wanted it to be our wedding. So we decided to make our wedding mixed gender. Maybe it sounds normal for people who never lived in Saudi Arabia, but believe me, it’s not. The wedding in Saudi Arabia is normally boring because the groom doesn’t celebrate with the bride, and the rest of the family. It was difficult to convince our parents to make it a mixed gender wedding. The second problem was to find a location for the wedding. It is illegal to make mixed gender wedding in Saudi Arabia. It took us more than three months to find a private beach resort that allowed us to hold the wedding. The planning for the wedding was one of the hardest tasks in my life. We both did all the planning. Once we were done we were ready for the big day.

In the morning of December the 5th 2013, I woke up so early; I think it was the excitement that woke it me up 5 a clock in the morning I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t anxious I just...
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