The Influence of Media Technology on the moral development and Self-Concept of Youth.

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The Influence of Media Technology on the moral development and Self-Concept of Youth.  
By:Abigail Kelley
Dr. Holsopple
Communication Theory
Table of contents
The History and Development of Media/ technology
The Role of Media and Technology on everyday life
The effects of Media Technology on the behavior on children and teens How the media affects Self-Concept
The Media’s Influence on Morality

edia plays a role in everyday life, and without much effort humans are becoming heavily reliant on the media outlets and technologies to get us through life. At a young age, many children are exposed to the advancements of technology and the media as a means of learning, entertainment and for most parents...babysitting. Sadly, as technology gets smarter humans are becoming dumber. It takes little activity to do things we once worked hard at doing. Children being raised by the media and with technology are lazier.  It seems morals, personality, and work ethic is determined by what reality show is hot. The drive and ambition that once intrigued people to want to live the American dream has been tainted by the perception that there are easier ways out. Strippers, video vixens, reality TV stars, rappers, singers, and athletes, are all advertised and endorsed heavily in the media. So much so that subconsciously, it is shaping who we are around what they have, and desires to have the same. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, police or fireman, are not as poignant in the eyes of a generation who seek quick money and high priced fame. It is for these reasons; one can be convinced that media and technology in today's times heavily influence self-Concept and moral values. (hub The History and Development of Media/ technology

Over the last fifty years, the media has advanced tremendously with the advancement of new technologies. In a society that once depended on telegraphs, letters, switchboard phones, newspapers and radio as the sole forms of communication, we are now in a time where text messaging, social media, internet, ipads, and smart-phones are a way of life. Media or Mass Media as it’s commonly known is the means in which you reach or create a large audience. ( From the beginning of time, oral traditions created stories that eventually were written down, drawn, sang, danced and other forms of literature and art. Books were hard to publish in the beginning because it was costly for paper, and printing lacked the speed needed to produce to the masses. By 1400 A.D Johannes Guttenberg, created the printing press which allowed for faster printing, increasing the quantity of books that could be produced. With the rise of the printing press, came the invention of newspapers. “By the end of 1900, print media could be found in the form of books, pamphlets, magazines and newspapers. Newspaper provided all the necessary information about the world for the people at remote locations.” ( In 1844, the telegraph was created, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone. Communication at this point had moved past print, and became electronic. People were able to actually talk to people in long distances. In 1885, George Eastman invented photographic film which helped put pictures in National Geographic. Even with pictures to spice up print media it slowly became less popular with the development of Television and Radio. 1894, Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio, which would be the primary source of entertainment and news. The radio was a technology developed through transmission of electromagnetic waves. Thirty one years later in 1925, John Logie Baird created what would be famously known as T.V. The first transmission happened in 1927; Walt Disney created the first full colored movie in the world. From its original creation in 1925 TV has both developed technologically and has become one of the main sources of the media. No longer was entertainment and news...

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