The Inquiry Pcess

Topics: Teacher, Thought, Education Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Application: Reflective Essay - The Inquiry Process
David Grassie

EDUC-6733S-1 Action Research for Educators

February 20, 2011
Jennifer Stokke

Throughout my short time here at Walden, I have taken so much from each of my courses in my journey as a Master’s candidate in Science Education. I have learned so much about reforming and editing my teaching philosophy and practice in my quest to become a more effective administrator. I cherish this last assignment, because in my mind it is such a celebratory time, that recognizes the effort and the work that went into the past seven weeks – and also really reflecting on what has transpired in my thought processes. The Inquiry Process

I find it fitting that I end my study here, the way I started it, with a citation from The Reflective Educator’s Guide in Classroom Research that struck a chord with me in my beginning. Teacher inquiry is a vehicle that can be used by teachers to untangle some of the complexities that occur in the profession, raise teachers’ voices in discussion of educational reform, and ultimately transform assumptions about the teaching profession itself (Dana & Yendol-Hoppey, 2009, pg. 1). This was my initial perception of what this practitioner inquiry would do for myself – fix my troubles or concerns in my OWN classroom, be able to discuss and perhaps have an influence in my teaching situation, and communicate through various vehicles throughout the community of what and how I am trying to influence my children. After my initial study in this process, my perception remains the same, I strongly believe that action research as truly been one of the most profound studies that I have professionally been a part of. However, the way that the process evolves and expands, were quite different then I imagined. I did very little research on classroom research before entering this class. There were two main reasons, the first was that I am finding little time to complete...

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