The Laptop Ate My Attention Span

Topics: Internet, Distraction, Attention span Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: September 5, 2013
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Austin Marler
“The Laptop Ate My Attention Span”
Did you know laptops are a causing issues in college classes? Some professors and students see them as a distraction to the class. Some students will look at the laptop screen while the student next to them is playing a game. Professors think this intrudes on the students learning. Other professors and students see them as a great note taking tool. The professors and students do not think they are a big distraction and they think the students should learn to balance work and play on the computer.

First of all, this article is about how laptops in classrooms are very distracting to everyone in the class. For example, in the article it says that a student was reading his email during a finance lecture, and downloaded an attachment from the email. The attachment automatically turned on the student’s volume. Then the attachment proceeded to play a message saying “Oh my God, I’m watching porn!” The article also talks about the battle going on between students and professors. The professors try to get the students to stop using the internet during lectures. The professors have a switch to turn off the internet, and the students would keep turning it on behind the professors back. The author does not like the use of laptops in class. She focuses on making points that they are just a distraction. She also uses sarcasm to prove that there are no good things that come out of using a laptop in class. This emphasizes how much she dislikes the use of laptops in class.

To begin with, the article opens with a question about the issue with laptops on school campuses. This goes on to discuss if laptops should or shouldn’t be allowed in class. The author then goes on to give reasons why laptops should not be allowed in class. She also gives multiple examples. It transitions into precautions schools took with the issue of laptops being allowed in class. Eventually it transitions to stating...
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