The Observation of a 5 Year Old Boy

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Play Observation Checklist
Observer:_______________ Play Setting:_______________________ Date:_____________ Approximate Child Age:___ Child Gender: M F Hand Preference: L R Initiation of Play Observed
Yes NoComments / Questions Behavior Child quickly engages in play
Child requires help in getting
Child needs encouragement
Child directs his/her own play
Child shows initiative or
Child appears impulsive
Child initiates but appears
unable to stay with task
Energy Expanded in Play Observed
Yes NoComments / Questions Behavior Child works at an even pace
Child pursues activites to the
point of tiring out
Child gains momentum as play
Child’s movements are well
coordinated / goal directed
Child’s pace varies with activity
Play seems listless / lethargic
Concentration Observed
Yes NoComments / Questions Behavior Child maintains consistent
attention to task
Child is easily distracted by
miscellaneous noise
Child sings, hums, or talks to
Content of Play Observed
Yes NoComments / Questions Behavior Child shows a positive emotional
tone in play
Child throws or destroys play
Child has peculiar elements to
play (specify)
Child’s play content appears
Child’s play shows creativity
and imagination
Play integrates others (Not
Play appears rigid
Play content is age appropriate
Child’s play is stereotypical in

TITLE: Observing Children


Observable behaviors (what you can actually see) and objectively is the essence of a worthwhile observation. For the observation to become worthwhile it must have a purpose and be used to achieve that purpose.

The OLC HS/EHS staff will observe the children to see how well the child has assimilated learning, and staff can indicate what learning is still to be achieved.


a.Education staff will record (1) formal observation for each child according to the Assessment Schedule. Education staff at all centers need to involve parents on the observation of their own children as required by Performance standards and encourage them to share information about their observations with appropriate staff.

b.All written observations will be placed in the Child’s File, to be shared with parents and will be utilized in development and reflective of goals and objectives for children and for classroom and home visit activities.

c.A variety of observation forms can be used as tools:
o The Play Observation Checklist, 10 (ten) Minute Observation, Language Observation Checklist, and Behavior Observation Checklist can be used to observe specific children as needed. o The “Classroom Strategies of Observing Children at Play” sheet can be used with the Play Observation Checklist to provide a method for accumulating information. We can then examine the play of each child and devise the best ways to utilize strengths and compensate for weakness, allowing each child and devise the best tools she/he has. Using this tool we can better assess each child’s level of play, his/her learning level, the skills he/she is able to learn, and his/her learning style. The information can be shared with parents to show improvements as well as areas needing improvements. o The Home Visit Observation will be available for the Education staff to assess the child in the home. o Information from parent’s observations of their child.

e. The information from all observations will be used to discuss child development, develop appropriate goals, behaviors and proper management and family concerns about the child. Information form observations can include but are limited to the following uses: o Determine child’s level of development as relates to Outcome Measures....
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