The role of a public administrator in the United States

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The role of a public administrator in the United States today is as varied as it is essential. Government spending will approach nearly four trillion dollars in two thousand eleven, which means that qualified public servants must be in place to oversee the efficient implementation of government policies. (Andrews, 2011) “Public administrator” is a term which encompasses a wide range of possible job titles; public administrator’s range from parole officers to policy analysts, and each works day to day to help promote the welfare of society through government spending. These civil servants do not have an easy job; in almost any public administration job there are a plethora of ethical quandaries which will have to be confronted, analyzed, and decided upon. Often times a public administrator is forced to choose between two perfectly valid obligations and this requires patience and a strong moral base.

There are numerous ethical obligations facing public administrators, and they vary greatly depending on the specific job title. One good example would be a member of the Border Patrol; these men and women are considered public administrators and they have the vital task of securing the northern and southern borders of the United States from those who seek to enter the country illegally. Border Patrol agents are often forced to choose between their ethical obligation as a representative of the United States, and as a caring human being. Everyone knows that the situation in Mexico, driven by the drug wars, extremely high unemployment rates, and political corruption is deplorable. Thousands of innocent people are killed in the crossfires between rival cartels and the Mexican government every single year. (Lacey, 2009) Almost anyone faced with the same set of circumstances would gladly take their chances and flee north to the United States, and Border Patrol agents recognize this heartbreaking fact. Unfortunately for them, they swore an oath to protect the...
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